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(+84) 94 1818 618 - 919 263 863

I cannot stop smiling with everyone

I would like to say thank you to Dr Tung and his team, also to the beautiful Quyen for looking after myself and friend, Lorraine and her husband Greg during our time in Vietnam. 

Our teeth look amazing, we cannot stop smiling, I highly recommend I-Dent Implant Centre for anyone wishing to have dentistry done outside Australia.

I had 24 crowns and 1 implant, plus clean and x Ray's taken. The cost was very affordable, unlike Australia. The treatment plan was completed in 10 days. During this time, Dr Tung arranged a trip to the Mekong Delta for Lorraine, her husband Greg and myself, which we enjoyed.

Dr Tung arranged our accommodation, transport from and to airport, his team are warm and friendly and made us feel very comfortable.

It really was an experience, almost pain free!

Thank you again, Dr Tung and staff

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I selected I-Dent Implant Centre because I felt comfortable when I was emailing and asking questions. The dentist inspected my teeth and I decided to crown all my teeth, they also told me I should have two implants which I didn’t want to do.
My treatment plan was extraction of 7 teeth, 11 crowns and 12 implants and anything else that needed to be done and Dr Tung only had 10 days to complete....a big job!

CS1: 193A-195 Hùng Vương, Phường 9, Quận 5, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

CS2: 19V Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, Phường 19, Quận Bình Thạnh, TP. HCM

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